Website Relaunch: Morgan Bress Photography

I still remember the day that Morgan Bress reached out to us for more info on a possible website rebrand — I was so excited! We absolutely love partnering with photographers because they bring such high-quality and high-impact emotional imagery to work with.

Morgan, a highly-respected photographer out of Lindsay, Ontario, was no different — her photography is stunning.

Even more excitedly, Morgan was interested in a website that could work for her and her business. I was able to offer some options for how we could use Automation to free up more of her time for the part of her business she loves the most:


Morgan came to us with a beautiful brand.

While we would have been happy to provide our Brand services, Morgan's was already perfectly suited to her style and business and provided lots of options for us to work with. Her branding offered a feminine palette, two main fonts, and lots of great logo variations.

All the pieces we needed to implement her brand effectively onto her new website.


Her old website, while very cute, didn't flow with Morgan's branding and didn't necessarily align well with her needs.

From a web branding perspective, the design of her website was actually competing for attention with her photography rather than complementing it.

I knew that we could design a more effective website that better highlighted and showed off her amazing work.

And that's just what we did.

On January 20th, 2018, her new website went live.

It features:

  • A stunning homepage gallery

  • Dynamic sizing for viewing from tablets and mobile

  • An actionable footer that highlights her 3 most important pages with stunning picture icons, her recent adventures (new blog posts), and her 9 most recent Instagram posts — allowing us to display more of her beautiful photography in group of threes.

  • Improved menu efficiency

  • Engaging Testimonials page

  • Interactive Investment page

  • Updated Instagram-style portfolios

  • A Gorgeous Blog with Pinterest-style feature images

  • & a NEW Get Started page with scheduling and accounting automation

Here's a quick video walkthrough

(4 min 49 sec)

Video Script:

"Hi, I'm Megan from Barton Creative Co., a co-founder and digital strategist specializing in web design, automation and digital marketing. Welcome to our first Video Web Walkthrough which promises to highlight one of our amazing websites in 10 minutes or less. This one aims to show off the recently redesigned website for Morgan Bress Photography.

Morgan, a well respected photographer out of Lindsay, Ontario, was amazing to work with — she's very friendly, easy going, and quite obviously provides a very high quality of photography for us to work with.

Jumping into some of the updates and features of her new web, from top to bottom:

ONE — a newly streamlined menu with a focus on her most important and actionable pages. We've all got lost in confusing website menus before, and so by limiting the number of initial links, we can provide a better user experience and drive her audience to the right pages.


TWO — and likely the first thing that caught your eye (I know it caught mine) is Morgans dynamic gallery which returns the focus to her photography and skill set, no matter whether you're viewing from laptop, tablet or mobile.

THREE — a redesigned website footer, meaning that no matter what page her audience views, they will always see the following: three beautiful photo icons to her most important pages, a Recent Adventures section highlighting the 3 newest blog posts, and last but not least, a feed of her 9 most recent Instagram photos, always keeping the focus on Morgan's work.


FOUR — heading over to the Meet Morgan page, you'll notice that we were able to incorporate her script font as one of her main headers. This allowed us to better maintain her brand while adding a feminine, refined touch to her pages

FIVE — an updated Testimonials page offers an engaging slider which connects each of her testimonials to three of her favourite photographs featuring that family. Even though her testimonials are amazing on their own, it's easy to see how her photography pulls it all together.


SIX — her updated Investment page has been upgraded to be more actionable and transparent. Her web visitors can now download her wedding collections brochure, get more info on her sessions and how they work, and you'll also notice a new Book Now button which I'll dive into shortly. 

SEVEN — an updated Portfolio page offers a custom coded hover effect, and clicking on any of these will reveal her stunning new Instagram-style portfolios.


EIGHT — Morgan's Blog features Pinterest-style feature images for a more dynamic effect. Pinterest is one of the best sources of blog traffic, so by using this style of image, it makes it even easier for Morgan to drive more traffic to her website. Opening a blog post reveals dynamic stacked galleries, each of which beautifully tells the story of that day.

NINE — finally, my favourite page and feature, the Get Started page. Along with web design, offering Automation is one of my favourite parts of what I do. I want to help business owners free up more of their time for what they love most, and by using automation we can help free up hours of time each week. This provides an amazing opportunity for an improved work life balance, or depending on your goals, to scale up your business and further increase profits.

TEN — clicking on Book Now reveals the new scheduling software, which, in the back end, has been automated with new accounting software as well. You can see how booking a session has now been automated based on the schedule that Morgan offers. We were able to add in up-sells, the ability for her clients to choose their own location, and even automated welcome and reminder emails depending on session type. 


IN SUMMARY to date, this has to be my favourite website that we've worked on, it allowed us to really show off what we can do, which is create a visually stunning website that is not only efficient and user friendly, but that also literally works for Morgan and her business. Feel free to leave and questions or comments below. See you next time!"

I'd love to know — what was your favourite feature that you saw today?