Our Final Evolution

I know, I know.... we did it again. 

We recently rebranded this past Fall and it hit so many of the right notes. It was dynamic, eye-catching, and was capable of taking us to our end goals.

We started connecting with new clients and launched exciting new projects, but quickly realized something was missing in our branding. 

We didn't do for ourselves what we always prioritize with our clients — taking the necessary time to fully capture our true values and vision.

And as our projects grew, and our excitement with it, we put out a brand that was great but not quite us. We realized we needed to make a couple tweaks to get our brand to where we needed it be, and after taking more time to talk things through, we discovered that we both didn't really see ourselves, or our target audience, in our branding.

In a rush to pursue our dreams, we lost sight of our path. We've been carefully and quietly working the last couple months to correct this misstep. And we're finally ready to reveal our evolved, final form. 


It's elegant and modern, soft yet edgy. It captures our style and adaptability while better establishing our ideal audience and the vision we are working towards. I mean, look at how perfect our palette is:

Barton Creative Co palette.png

We also have two amazing and versatile brand fonts, Russell and Fira Sans.

Finally, and excitedly, we've incorporated edgy geometric patterns to tie together our look. Here's a sneak peak of a few in our new colours!

PATTERNS   Google Drive.png

Our visuals are just one piece of this new puzzle that we've been working so hard on. The other piece is strategy.

For the past couple years we've been working hard to refine our vision, values and long term goals for our future.

We want to help as many entrepreneurs and small business owners as possible. We want to help them rock their best brands, the strongest strategies, and help them finally bring the dreams they first had into reality. 

We've thus completed changed how we present our services, focusing primarily on our best service packages including logos and branding, website design and automation, and our newest service: the optimization audit. Our optimization audit presents a new option based on what's we've been offering all along, our marketing expertise and strategies.

The difference is, we are offering three levels of service, combining a consultation with the elements of a business bootcamp in order to help entrepreneurs and small business owners better discover what's not working, what they could be doing better, and simply, actionable steps they can implement to realign with their road to success.

In addition to our signature services, we'll continue to offer graphic design and marketing to our ongoing clientele.

I'm also so excited to share our fresh focus on education — we will be releasing regular blog posts, video walkthroughs, and even workshops and courses, so that we can offer our strategies in a variety of accessible, easy to learn, and very actionable forms.

Whether you learn best by reading, listening, watching, or doing, we'll have an option for you! We can't wait to share more with you soon.

Forever growing,

Megan + Robyn