Coming Soon — Email Marketing From Your Squarespace Website

Today we're checking in with a VERY exciting update. Squarespace, our website platform of choice, has just announced that they will be releasing Email Marketing functionality very soon. 

As Squarespace Circle Members, we will have first access to try and test this tool for free before it goes live to the general public this Fall, as will all of our clients with Squarespace websites. 

We will be releasing a walkthrough and our thoughts as soon as we have access. From what we've seen so far, we are almost certain that we will be leaving our current email marketing provider in favour of Squarespace's.

Here's a breakdown of what's been revealed so far:

#1 Steamlined Branding

Squarespace's new email marketing functionality is going to make it effortless to ensure brand consistency, by offering an email builder with design options that are easily matched to your website's branding.

#2 Effortless Editing

There are a few different features of Squarespace's email builder that we are excited to test for ourselves. The first is that it mirrors Squarespace's drag and drop design making it possible to design stunning and effective email campaigns in mere minutes. But the feature that has us most excited is that the email builder includes options to pull in content from your website, including blog posts and even products.

#3 Customizable Layouts

Squarespace will be offering more than 30 customizable starter layouts so that you can choose and perfectly design an email based on your needs. After all, a product announcement is going to look very different then when you release a new blog post on your website.

#4 Mobile Editing

We love that this new email marketing functionality will be fully editable from mobile. This means that even if you don't have access to a laptop, you can launch an email campaign, edit an email draft, and view your analytics right from your smart phone or tablet.

#5 Mobile Responsive

In addition to being fully accessible from mobile, the emails your email list recieves will be fully responsive. No matter whether they view from their computer, tablet, or smart phone, your email will look stunning. Finally, no more cut off pictures, or unnecessary zooming to be able to read.

#6 Integrated Analytics

Finally, all of your analytics — blog, website, product and email marketing all accessible from your Squarespace website. You'll be able to use these analytics to determine what strategies work best for your business.

#7 Segmented Audiences

This means that you can have different lists for different interests. For example, you might have a list for each of your main blog categories, a list for a major event, and lists for different product types. This will allow you to deliver the right messaging to the people that care about it the most.

Email Marketing for Squarespace will be available for as low as $8 USD per month (when paid annually) this Fall. This is extremely competitive for the functionality offered and is a fantastic alternative to MailChimp. 

If Squarespace's Email Marketing is capable of, or will eventually include, email sequences such as a welcome email sequence, or funnel building, we would be happy to pay a premium on top of their current listed pricing

In a quote by Tech Crunch writer Anthony Ha, Squarespace revealed that the goal is to turn Squarespace into an “all-in-one platform” for businesses, with email as “the first segue into a broader suite of marketing tools.”

Very exciting and we look forward to learning more.

If you have any questions about email marketing, feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email at