New Website: 21 Charities

Robyn's work in the community has been a valuable networking asset for our business. A short while ago, she met two musicians, Dennis Carmichael and Brooks Robinson, of Canadian country rock band, Boots of Hazard. As they shared some of their story, Robyn became more and more excited. Dennis and Brooks were driven to make a lasting positive impact on their community, and Robyn knew that we could help. 

You see, Dennis and Brooks had envisioned 21 Charities — an annual event comprised of 21 performances over a period of 21 days for 21 different local charities and organizations.

They had no branding, no social presence, and a website that had a lot going on.

First, Robyn worked with them to develop a brand. Here's their new logo:

21 Charities Logo.png

Then I got to work on styling their new website. My goal was to ensure simple, cohesive branding and to improve the user experience from their existing website. They were using GoDaddy for their domain and hosting, but I convinced them that Squarespace was a better fit and got to work on setting up new, streamlined pages.

Check out their new homepage:


The goal for the homepage was to introduce Brooks and Dennis and then immediately drive their web audience to learn more about their mission. Once the homepage styling was approved, I got to work setting up the remaining website pages.

This is their new Our Mission page:

Our Mission.png

On it, we've featured their mission, the 21 charities they've partnered with, and have loaded in some of their media features.

One of the most important pages that was set up was their Performances page. We found imagery to align with each of their upcoming events, and made sure to include the event details and which charity was being fundraised each day.

Here's a sample of the beginning of the page:


One thing that I wanted to make sure of was that the new 21 Charities website featured examples of Dennis and Brook's music. I integrated their hit song, Muddy Water, using Soundcloud and their official music video on YouTube. Here's that page:


One of the last pages I worked on was a simple Contact page. I wanted to ensure that anyone that wanted to reach out, or volunteer their time, could easily get in touch. On the old website, their contact information was only available at the bottom of the homepage. 

This is their new Contact page:

Finally, I hoped to have a clear call to action for donations to the charities. After talking to Brooks and Dennis, I realized that the most important thing was ensuring that people show up in person to donate their time or funds to the charities that matter most to them. With that in mind, I set up a simple landing page that redirects back to their mission and their upcoming performances. It might seem unnecessary, but it helps cement the vision behind 21 Charities and ensure that people go back to read the mission and performances pages.

This is the final page of their website:


It was a pleasure (and honour) partnering with Dennis Carmichael and Brooks Robinson on 21 Charities and we wish them every success on their fundraising endeavour.

Our community is lucky to have them!