Logo vs Branding — What's the Difference?

Recognition vs the Feels: (queue that Drake song) an easy way to differentiate between logos and brands.

Okay, this may sound a little strange but let us break this down for you.

We all know what logos are — they really need no introduction. They are with us every moment of the day whether you are conscious of them or not. We all have a camera roll of logos imprinted in our brains. If you glance at the logos for Nike, Apple, Google, FedEx, or Pepsi (the list really could go on for eternity but we know you're busy so you get the idea…. ) you would recognize exactly what companies these images represent without even having to stop and think about it. The most perfect example of this is without a doubt the iconic Coca Cola logo.

Fun fact... did you know that the most globally recognized word in the entire world is “okay”?

Well hold on to your seats, because the second most recognized word in the world is “Coca Cola”.

If that doesn't blow your mind about how powerful marketing can be, we don't know what will. Coca Cola has been around for 127 years. They have kept the same distinct red disc with “Coca Cola” written in or around it, varying at times to keep up with trends since 1947.

With that amazing feat in mind, we aren't saying you should focus on keeping the same logo for 72 plus years (even though consistency is key but that is a story for another day). There is another much more impressive and important reason why Coca Cola has managed to hold onto to its accomplishment as being the most recognizable soft drink - if not product - in the entire world for all of these years.

This moves us into branding and what it really is.

Branding is the foundation that makes or breaks new business ventures and is often overlooked or unacknowledged.

When many entrepreneurs develop with their business plan, their first strategy is to come up with a logo. This makes sense because they want their product to be recognizable... but they miss the mark when they fail to consider the entirety of their brand — the unique colours, font systems, logo variations, and other imagery that visually tie all of their marketing materials together with meaning.

Yes, a logo is so important — but have you thought about branding and what you would like your business or product to actually convey to your audience? It is a scientific fact that feelings motivate more than anything else... so what is it that you want your potential customers to feel?

Branding is the way a product or service makes you feel.

How you distinguish it from other products is based on the experiences you've had. The crazy thing is we are not even talking about a direct personal experience. It is most simply how this product or business makes you feel.

Let's go back to Coca Cola for a minute. Their brand is rooted in themes like family, unity, and happiness.

Coke doesn't sell a soft drink, they sell happiness in a bottle.

This message is hammered home even as its product range changes and adapts to emerging trends. You can probably look back at your childhood and reminisce about at least one Coke commercial, think about it for a moment...how did it make you feel?

This is what branding is all about.

Branding conveys a message to potential consumers and to the world. What would you like your message to be?

Branding is the heart and soul of your business. Coca Cola has stuck with the same branding strategy since the 1950s. Why? Because it works! Branding your company in the right way gives it a legacy, something consumers will feel today and in the future.

Simply put, branding is your promise to your consumers. You might have an amazing product/business but have you thought about what you would like consumers to feel when they hear your business name or see your logo? That, my friends, is branding.

The best way to distinguish the difference between a logo and branding is this…

Think about your oldest and dearest friend. You recognize them because of their face and their outward appearance, you’ve looked at that face so many times you could see it anywhere and know exactly who it is without even thinking about it (logo) but when you think about that friendship, you think of the moments you have with this friend and how those memories and moments made you feel (branding).

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