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Squarespace Savvy

Discover how to design your own Squarespace website from scratch.

In this engaging video series, you'll learn how to:

  1. Navigate Squarespace's user-friendly interface

  2. Effectively layout and brand your website for success

  3. Integrate your website with services that lessen your workload

This 100% free course is coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why are you giving away this information for free if you sell website packages?

A: We believe in the principle of abundance: we don't lose anything by freely sharing our knowledge and expertise, and we gain a lot by helping others — new connections, new possibilities, and new opportunities. Not everyone can afford our website services, and this is a great way for those individuals to get their businesses online. Once that happens, and their business grows, they might be interested in upgrading their website or partnering with us for a different project. Likewise, there will always be business owners out there that don't have the time or interest in setting up their own website, and won't hesitate to partner with us for their website needs. Finally, while this course provides the basic necessities of website branding and setup, it does not cover all of our strategies or advanced customization (that would be downright overwhelming) and does not include the Squarespace Circle benefits we are able to offer our clients, such as 6 month trials instead of 2 weeks, customer service priority, and 20% off the first year of hosting.