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Disclaimer: this page contains some affiliate links. If you try a tool, product, or service, and invest in the paid version, we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps support our blog and free content. Thank you for your support!

An A to Z list of our favourites



project management

We loved using the free version and now use the paid version on a near-daily basis.


scheduling software

One of our favourite services! We can get you this for free in partnership with Squarespace.


basic graphic design

We recommend the paid version to unlock more features, like being able to load in your brand identity.


email marketing

Try a free 30 day trial - it's a great service for growing your email list, and sending powerful e-campaigns.

g suite.png

email and file storage

Professional email and lots of storage for as cheap as $5 per user per month. We love it!


screen recording

This can be used for free but we love the paid version. This is great for walkthroughs.


social management

This is an advanced social media management service. We use it to manage our and our social media accounts.


social management

This is a great option for beginners. The only reason we changed is because we needed more advanced functions.


growth accelerator

Sumo hosts a variety of growth services, from social share enhancers, to website heat maps and beyond. Sumo is one of our favourite providers!


website platform

This is our favourite website platform. It's sexy, modern, secure, and extremely user friendly. We can also save you 20% on your first year of hosting.


virtual voicemail

If you're a startup and don't yet have a dedicated business phone, tresta provides a virtual number and voicemail - helping to protect your personal privacy.



Zapier can initially be used for free to connect different service providers and automate specific tasks. You will likely need to upgrade to the paid version.


Check back frequently, more will be added soon.