If your brand isn't using social media, you are losing out on business. Social media is an important key in growing your brand, building engagement, and connecting with potential clients. But you're seriously hustlin' to make your business boom, and you just don't have time to waste on Facebook and Instagram. We totally get it!

We have your back. Focus on what you do best, while we take care of managing your online growth and impact.

Whether you're looking for a helping hand, or a more comprehensive strategy, we have a variety of management options to help support and grow your business. We also aim to provide a variety of options for all budgets.

how it works

The first step is a discovery call with Robyn and/or Megan. They'll explain how social media management works, answer any questions you might have, and highlight what they need to get started.

Next comes a custom proposal. It will outline what was discussed in your discovery call, and our terms. Once the proposal has been approved and e-signed, we'll send you an invoice for your initial deposit. Robyn + Megan will also send you a Google Questionnaire with guiding questions to help them better understand your business needs, brand values, and ideal client archetype. This will help maximize our online impact on your social growth and engagement.

It's time to dive in! Robyn + Megan will get started on their strategy, working together to optimize your pages, and designing, curating, and scheduling content monthly for your social media accounts. Once everything is ready to go, they will monitor your accounts daily, and will respond to comments and messages as they come in.

This process will continue every month. You are welcome to check in with promotions and any other relevant information that might influence content preparation. Robyn + Megan also encourage you to send them fresh imagery for your business on a monthly basis, however they can also curate content if that's not possible. Finally, they will check in at month end with an email of highlights, a full statistical report, and your invoice.

our most popular packages

light management


  • Branded Style Guide
  • Monthly Content Strategy
  • Industry Keywords + #Hashtags
  • Content Curation
  • Daily Posting and Captions
  • Monitoring + Response
  • Light Monthly Report

$500 monthly for 1 account

standard management


  • Branded Style Guide
  • Monthly Content Strategy
  • Industry Keywords + #Hashtags
  • Weekly Blog OR Newsletter (or 2 of each)
  • Content Curation
  • Daily Posting and Captions
  • Monitoring + Response
  • Standard Monthly Report

$1250 monthly for 2 accounts

vip social management


  1. Branded Style Guide
  2. Monthly Content Strategy
  3. Industry Keywords + #Hashtags
  4. Weekly Blog
  5. Weekly Newsletter
  6. Content Curation
  7. Daily Posting and Captions
  8. Monitoring + Response
  9. VIP Monthly Report

$2000 monthly for 3 accounts

optional upgrades

success services

These services are recommended for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want additional support and strategy to enhance their success and sales.

Social Media Overhaul
We'll upgrade your brand imagery and optimize your platform settings and copy for success.
$150 per account.

Facebook Advertising
Ad strategy, copy + graphics, setup & management. This is NOT the same as boosting a post. 
Common targets include page growth, engagement, web traffic, and sales.
The standard target for Facebook Ads is a MINIMUM of 3:1 ROI.
Pricing available upon request. A minimum ad spend is required for effective ads.

Marketing Funnel
Comprehensive lead generation funnel. Includes strategy, copy + graphics, setup + management.
Combines multiple digital marketing strategies to create an automated funnel that converts your audience into clients. Some of these strategies include Facebook ads, email or messenger marketing, lead magnets, content sequences, and webinars.
Pricing available upon request. A greater ad spend is required for an effective funnel.

frequently asked questions


I have a small budget, can you work with me?

A: Possibly! Please send us an email, or book a call down below, and we'll see what we can do. We can sometimes offer modified plans based on your budget, for example, managing two accounts but only three times weekly, or by removing monitoring and response. This really depends on our current project load but we'll do our best to accommodate you.


A: Social media is a long term strategy — as our metrics grow over time, so will your sales. How quickly this occurs is influenced by your niche. That being said, you will notice an increase in engagement and followers within 30 days. This will continue to increase each month as your brand strengthens, your followers continue to engage, traffic to your website increases, and word of mouth spreads. For more significant short term results, especially in terms of sales, we recommend that you consider adding in advertising to support initial efforts.


A: Along with our initial consult, we provide a questionnaire to collect important information about your business. After that, we will dive into research so that we can craft a niche-specific strategy. We will identify industry leaders, influencers, and other reputable resources of industry specific knowledge. We will also check in, as needed, if we need to clarify any questions with you.

Do I have a say in the content that you produce?

A: Absolutely! We will craft a Style Guide and posting recommendations for your business, based on the preferences you identify in our questionnaire. Once you've approved our recommendations, we will move forward with monthly content calendars. If you'd like, we'll provide an opportunity to approve content before it is scheduled to your social media profiles, however most brands we work with prefer to only have an initial check in and then let us do our thing.

Do you help with comments, messages, and reviews too?

A: Yes. Our software monitors for engagement, and we will aim to respond within 24 hours, faster when possible. When we don't have an answer for a specific question we will direct it to you, and will let you know via email or our project management software, Asana.

How long are your contracts?

A: We offer our services on a month-to-month basis. You can cancel at anytime by providing 30 days notice. That being said, we recommend giving our work at least 3 months, and preferably 6-12 months, to make a significant impact. Our goal is to foster long-term relationships with our social media clients. We genuinely care about your business as much as you do.

How soon can you start?

A: You can get started by booking your initial 30-minute discovery session below! We will discuss your business, answer any questions you might have, and mutually decide if we're a good fit for one another. You can then let us know if you'd like to move forward and we will dive into our next steps, including our client questionnaire, research, and strategy development, immediately.

I'm definitely interested, but I have more questions!

A: We encourage you to email your questions to hello@bartoncreative.co or book a discovery session below.