We Build
Better Brands.




We're Megan and Robyn and we help small business owners and entrepreneurs discover a better way of doing business.

It starts with better branding, in purpose, messaging, and design. It continues with a commitment to offering real value and building community. And finally, we'll give your business a boost with our specialty — automation. Save hours of time each week, greatly improve customer satisfaction, explore exciting new opportunities for residual passive income and more.

Let us show you how you can cut through the chaos and zero in on sustainable success and profitability — without sacrificing your passion or a healthy work-life balance.

Better Strategy.

Smarter Brand.


The short answer for what we do —

We build better brands.

More specifically,

we show you a better way
of doing business with

Our Four Pillars of Sustainable Business

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Your brand represents the integrity of your business.  You brand means something, to you, and especially to your audience. Your design, content and messaging must be consistent, with the right voice and intent.

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We believe in a value-first approach.  When you provide value to your audience, you build brand awareness, and spark interest in your services and/or products. You give value, you get value. It's our key to success!

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Once you've locked down brand and value, the next step is growing community. Your community will help you organically grow your brand, offerings and profitability. We'll show you the right tools to make it happen.

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Automation is an amazing asset for most businesses. Improve workflow efficiency, amp up productivity, diversify your income streams, improve your work-life balance and more. We'll walk you through it all!

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What We Offer:

We currently offer our signature services as done-for-you packages including logo and web design, brand identity, and optimization audits. Looking for one of our old services? Send us a project request using our online form, and we'll see what we can do!

Join The Group:

We believe in creative synergy — we dream bigger, work harder and accomplish greater things when we work together. Interested? Our FREE group, Barton Creative Collective offers weekly accountability, daily inspiration, frequent free training and resources, and the opportunity to connect with other talented small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

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Our Dashboard is an actionable landing page featuring an ever-growing collection of resources including blogs, podcasts, walkthroughs, courses and more. Perfect for the DIY'er!



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